I was born into a deep program of lack and limitation, simultaneously sensing that this is not my truth at all.

My life became a dedicated journey of finding the truth, of reconnecting with and trusting my inner wisdom no matter what, of awakening, embodiment and of remembering self-love.

My intention is to be a living and inspiring example of what is possible for everyone. And my passion is to share my insights with other beings, so feel very welcome!

My offerings are all based in the following values:



Keep life simple.

Holistic View

Body, mind, soul.


Long term growth.


Everything is possible.


I chose this term, because it describes my understanding of a fulfilled and purposeful life in a beautiful way:



Consciousness is the foundation of everything. We are one consciousness experiencing itself in different forms and not separate human beings with a limited consciousness.

This realisation led me to immense contentment, inner peace and clarity.

My tools that support me in this area are mindfulness (my term for this is heartfulness), meditation and the reconnection to my intuition/Higher Self.


Life itself is for me a reminder that we are not only part of nature and its elements, but we ARE nature and its elements. We are not only connected, we ARE the same source embodied in different forms.

The result is a deep feeling of oneness and faith.

Ayurvedic principles, nervous system regulation, trauma healing & self-love, somatic relating and different movement practices are for me the bridge in order to embody that on all levels.



The term “Design” points for me to the understanding, that I am the creator of my reality. I´m taking full responsibility for everything I experience.

Circumstances are not the cause for my state of being, they are functioning as a precise mirror, so that I can recognise myself.

Allowing myself to feel the feeling that was triggered and not bypassing anything, this leads me into freedom and into deeper connection to myself and others.

Everything happens FOR me.


The circumstances I chose to be born into were energetically very challenging and the best school for crystallizing my precise observative and intuitive abilities.
My passion for studying alternatives and my deep interest for understanding how humans function led me to psychology, pedagogy, sociology. Later on I studied Holistic Health Systems, Ayurvedic Therapy, Nervous System Regulation, Breath work, Reiki, Yoga, Meditation, Dance, Shamanism, Non-Duality, TAO Tantric Arts, Human Design, Trauma Release, Quantum physics etc. with international teachers.

When I started 2009 to bundle my insights and offered mindfulness-seminars and retreats for managers in companies, a lot of people called me crazy.
When I shortly afterwards quit my secure job as a Human Resources Leader in the consulting area and became the founder of the Innerbalance-Institute in Munich, again a lot of people called me crazy.

For me there was no alternative for these decisions.

To be totally honest: I didn´t even feel very brave at this point, because I was driven by faith and a vision that was bigger than my small self. I followed my inner guidance, listened to my intuition and became a pioneer for bringing mindfulness into companies in Germany.

Faith was not always in my life, even the opposite was the case:
I know exactly how it feels like to
– have big visions feeling simultaneously limited and overwhelmed by self doubt
– compare yourself all the time with others, to develop a fear of rejection not showing yourself 100% authentically
– trust the inner critic more than your inner guidance
– be in a permanent contracted state not being connected to your own body, developing chronic diseases and reacting hyper sensitive to circumstances
– and much more.

And exactly because I know so deeply all these things, it is my highest excitement to share my insights and experiences to inspire and support you on your own way to coming back to yourself.

I’m happy that you are here! ?