You´d like to have access to your clarity, energy and inner calmness?

You´d like contentment independent from outer circumstances?

You´d like to feel connected and have unshakeable faith, that life is always on your side?

You´d like to regain a vibrant body feeling, becoming aware again of your intuition and heart-energy and living according to your purpose?


 – practice-oriented

– possible without previous experience

– successfully hosted since 2009 in diverse companies in the field of Human Resources Development (stress management, burnout prevention)  


– Deep relaxation and InnerBalance techniques

– Breathwork

– Mindfulness/Meditation for your daily life

– Techniques for placing your awareness on awareness itself

– Other movement exercises

– Theoretical impulses

This unique combination of holistic techniques and the concentration on essential methods empowers the participants to implement their discoveries easily and effectively in their daily life.

You are the ocean and not only a wave.