The ConsciousLifeDesign-Coaching that I developed blends together a unique combination of transformative coaching skills, intuitive guidance and personalised mentoring to create lasting change from the inside-out.

I combine embodiment and self-realisation methods like meditation, somatic experiencing and deep relaxation with an holistic and resource-oriented empowerment approach. Soft and gentle, yet with clear guidance.

Everything is already inside yourself. Maybe hidden, maybe not allowed through fears or limiting beliefs. Break yourself free from that!
To analyse the past or the future in a yearlong process is not necessary for that. It is more about patiently regulating your nervous system, reconnecting to your intuition and integrating all suppressed, hidden and rejected experiences of yourself.

For a long time, I was stuck in the belief that it is necessary to walk this journey alone. I never asked anyone for support.
Back then, I wasn´t able to see that you don´t loose your power or independence while being consciously supported.

The opposite is the case: You gain independence and power as you´ll be guided even faster to the core of the issues.

Feel free and very welcome to reach out for more detailed information and booking inquiries.

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