If supporting another being is rooted in the idea of lack („the situation for the being should be different“, „the being is a victim of his circumstances“ etc.), you are missing the point and you are not helping at all. Energetically you are even increasing the victimhood of that being, you are feeding the problem.

Mostly such kind of helping comes out of the resistance of facing your own „unpleasant“ feelings that are triggered while seeing another being seemingly suffering. So it is kind of egotistic to use the other being „just“ to feel better.

This is not what compassion or unconditional love means. If you really like to empower a being, clean up your own emotional state and intentions first. Understand that we are meant to be mirrors for each other.

Face your vulnerability and your insecurity, become honest to yourself.

Lighten up your own frequency first so that you are able to support out of abundance very naturally.

Instead of unconscious activism practice active wisdom!