Video course: The Power of Conscious Self Touch – Holistic Ayurvedic Self Massage


Everything starts with awareness and the connection to yourself. For being able to thrive in life it is crucial to feel your intuition and your inner guidance.

If there are blockages in your physical, emotional or energetic body, the signals of your inner voice will not be crystal clear.

Self touch/massage is a form of meditation. It is a conscious practice that brings you into the present moment, increases the connection to yourself and therefore to self awareness.

My guidance doesn’t lead you only through the more physical oriented aspects of the massage, but my intention is to lead you through a process through which you learn to self-regulate your nervous system.

On a physical level the self massage

– increases circulation

– assists the detox process in elimination of impurities from your system

– strengthens the immune system

– regulates the nervous system

– brings balance in the entire body, mind and soul.

The Holistic Ayurvedic Self Massage implements the principles of Ayurveda and guides you through different techniques in a holistic way.

You learn possibilities to ground yourself, to vitalise your system and to embody softness in a daily practise that you can easily implement into your life.

For this form of massage you will need massage oil. Enjoy the beautiful journey and art of conscious and loving self touch!

If you are interested in getting access to the seminar video, just message me and I’ll give you further details:



– Welcome & Warm-Up

– Meditation

– My personal ¨Why¨?

– Lecture: Benefits of the Holistic Ayurvedic Self Massage

– Lecture: What does Ayurveda mean?

– Lecture: Benefits of oil and the connection to the 5 elements

– Lecture: Preparation before the massage

– Preparationexercise: Shaking

– Practice: Moves and pressure points

– Practice: Intentionsetting

– Practice: Bottom of the left foot

– Practice: Left foot and leg

– Practice: Bottom of the right foot

– Practice: Right foot and leg

– Practice: Torso

– Practice: Back

– Practice: Left hand and arm

– Practice: Right hand and arm

– Practice: Face and head

– Closing and gratefulness