The condition of your body as well as your emotions are giving you permanently signals regarding your inner world. If you develop a fundamental understanding of these processes, you´ll become independent from external advice.

It is not about following specific rules regarding nutrition or life choices.

It is about getting access to tools that support you in expanding your self awareness so that you can observe yourself and become masterful in accessing holistic health in a joyful way.

Come into balance and feel alive!


– suitable for everyday use

– possible without previous experience

– successfully hosted including different focal points as Health-Management-Seminar in companies as well as for private individuals (several hundred people)



– The basic principles of Ayurveda

– The 5 elements und the practical benefits of this timeless knowledge

– How to access life energy

– Holistic inspirations for aliveness and health in your daily life

– optional: Empowerment through the Ayurvedic full body self-massage

Nourish and treat your whole being with awareness and appreciation.