Ayurveda (“Ayus”: life, “veda”: science) is one of the oldest health systems of this planet and its principles are holistic (body, mind, soul) and timeless. The Ayurvedic conception of the human being is very positive with his inherent and undeniable capacity to be vibrant and blissful.

The solutions Ayurveda offers are always root-oriented, never symptom-oriented and as a side effect, diseases can fade away.

The full body warm oil massages I´m offering are based on Ayurvedic methods combined with different energy techniques, intuitive elements and (the most important ingredient) loving presence. I use high quality, therapeutic and biological Ayurvedic oils.

Wellbeing on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level will be the effect of this gentle treatment and besides that, the massage:

– nourishes the entire body, mind and soul
– increases circulation

– encourages cellular rejuvenation
– assists the detox process in elimination of impurities from your system

– strengthens the immune system
– regulates the nervous system
– activates self-healing powers
– increases your consciousness, your intuition and the connection to yourself

Creating and holding a space for you in which you feel completely welcome as you are and comfortable to show yourself in an authentic way is my greatest joy.



The holistic approach of Ayurveda is a perfect way to support the mother and the development of the unborn child. The massages are helping with back pain, sickness, edema, restlessness etc. while ankering in a nourishing, peaceful and warm feeling of safety and being held.


Everything starts with the connection to yourself. Become your own healer and learn the balancing benefits of the holistic Ayurvedic Full Body Self-Massage. Possible in a 1on1-Session or as part of this Workshop:

Feel free and very welcome to reach out for more detailed information and booking inquiries.

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