You are always contributing.

One thing that I remember through my whole life in this human body was the deep dedication to truth and the willingness to be on service, to contribute in the most efficient way to the whole. There were times in my life in which this dedication was rooted in overwhelm and lack („I feel everything from everyone and want to save the planet“) and in the subconscious belief of feeling not enough and therefore trying superhard to compensate that feeling through action.

Today I was sitting at the ocean, observing the waves, enjoying the moment, feeling the sun, the wind, the sand, being playful with „physically dissolving“, blissed out in a deep state of oneness.
Later on, when I „came back“, a person approached me out of the blue and shared: „Thank you so, so much for giving me the opportunity to observe you enjoying the sea and your incredibly shining presence!“ and disappeared.
What a beautiful instantaneous mirror!

So, wherever you are at in your journey: you are always contributing. It is impossible that you aren´t. Relax. The One doesn´t make a mistake with your experience. Everything is worthy. You are adding to the whole exactly that which wants to be added at that very moment. There is no need in contributing in a way that looks like contribution in the sense of the old paradigm, in the action oriented and linear way of being on service. Through your vibration you contribute the clearest truth more efficient than through any written or spoken word.