When you feel, what other people are feeling, you unconsciously start taking care of other people´s feelings, you feel responsible. You don´t want them to feel bad, so you suppress your truth and you transmute energy for them.
Another part of people pleasing is wishing to be part of something. You adapt yourself, sacrifice your needs and authenticity in order to be accepted in a family/group/society etc.
That happens mainly because you are afraid of being rejected and how people might see you.

And what happens when you are afraid? You contract. You protect yourself. You push away. You shut down your senses. You lose your inner guidance system.

And does that f*cking help anyone??? Of course not!

For yourself it even reinforces the vicious circle that you feel separated, not seen and acknowledged for what you really are.

You say you want a world of authenticity and intimate connection?

Then stop people pleasing. Trust your own heart. That´s the most loving thing you can do.
And yes, not everyone is going to like you. And yes, by changing your frequency people will leave your energy field and life. And yes, people will get triggered or hurt. You reflect them the purity of your own heart and that might show them where they don´t allow themselves to do so.
A great catalyst if they are open.

So lead by example. Own who you are.