One of the main decisions that helped me to thrive and live a life in health and abundance is to never compromise any part of myself. Not my body, not my mind, not my soul.

In addition to being raised in a society in which it is appropriate to compromise yourself all the time (which of course even fuels the collective lack programming), the whole system of my “personal” past self was in such a contracted state that I couldn´t even feel the inner guidance system clearly.

As I was constantly confused by the mixed informations I received from my body, my heart, my mind and other beings around me, I logically always made decisions that compromised an essential part of myself.

And guess what?
As the law of attraction is always working precisely, with my mixed frequency package I attracted circumstances that in their core always felt like compromises. Something always felt off.
And/or: In not listening to my heart´s guidance (and even not knowing how to do that), I over time created very strong mirrors for myself like accidents, chronic diseases etc.

At a point in my life I was so sick of it.
What´s going on here? What to do?

So I nourished my mind: I calmed down. I soaked in all informations I could get to regain clarity about the universal principals in this human game.
I nourished my body: I moved consciously. Really got deep into my body. I started feeling and listening.
And through that:
I nourished my heart: I reconnected to my intuition and inner wisdom. I allowed myself to open my heart.
And I started trusting that voice. No f*cking compromises!
If I have a decision to make and my heart says no, I trust that 100%. Period.

I invite you to give it a try. Commit yourself to check in with really every little decision you make, even the smallest ones:
– How does it make me feel?
– Where do I still compromise (and therefore fuel the collective lack instead of abundance matrix) and why?
– What feedback do I receive immediately from my body and my heart?

Listen. Have faith in that. These feedbacks are gold. They are your loving messengers.