As some of you might remember, in the summer of 2019 I created and hosted a retreat which I named “See yourself and be seen”-Retreat.

After leading many workshops and retreats in the last decades in the traditional sense (simplified: participants sign up, they attend the workshop/retreat and “only” cocreate through being there and following the guidance of the workshop/retreat leader), I wanted to create something different.

The intention for this new retreat form was to give people a safe container to show up with their hidden talents, with workshop topics/discussions they normally don´t show up with, encouraging them to become a leader amongst leaders instead of a consuming retreat participant that listens to and follows one main host etc. So everyone was invited to create time slots for the other participants with whatever topic/demonstration/workshop.

It was touching. So many incredible shifts! I just love observing people who break through their outdated beliefs about themselves and share what they are really passionate about in this moment.
One participant who is a well known international business coach with tons of followers shared for example beautiful soft guitar music for the first time in his life. The coaching business was actually not his fullest excitement anymore and he stepped for the first time in his new shoes.

Sensing the connection when someone (including myself) taps into their inner knowing, trusts their intuition and shows up real, is just magical.

There is so much wisdom in all of you, that wants to be shared.
And don´t get me wrong: sharing does definitely (!!!) not mean that you have to show up on social media or in front of people, in a workshop form or anything like that. I know from my own experience that this can be an assumption that creates a lot of pressure and blocks the natural flow completely.

Sharing just means to connect with what really excites you. In relationships, in the time of the day you call “job”, in nature, regarding health, fitness etc.

No hidden agenda. No “I share, because I want to support other people”.

Share your passion and your heart with yourself.

And be honest with yourself:
Do you do things because you always did them like that or because it is your fresh excitement in exactly that very moment?
What feels maybe outdated in one area of your life?
What do you like to clean out so that there is free space for the new?

Investigate, be honest and become clear. Use the autumn time as a permission slip for exactly that.
Which leafs are ready to fly?

Release the old in order to become free for the new.