Around 10 years ago when I quit my corporate business job, started the self-employment with founding the InnerBalanceInstitute and building up a program of mindfulness, breathwork and meditation specifically created for the needs in companies, I sometimes was asked by my clients where I got all this wisdom from.

I would refer to my university studies, countless certificates and Teacher Trainings in Yoga, Meditation, Reiki, Breathwork, Bodywork, Ayurveda, TAO, Coaching, Health Consulting, Personal Development, Human Resources, Psychology, Sociology or even my times living with masters in India or elsewhere.

Looking back, I didn´t tell the truth.

The truth is:
“Being aware” and becoming more and more a master in embodying that was in the beginning of this lifetime a survival strategy born out of fear and lack. In order to survive in the family I chose to grow up, I somehow had to develop this “tool” and practice it 24/7. Like in a university with included practical daily workshops in which you take part 24/7 for 18 years.

Being trained in refining the sensitivity to energies in people and places, always highly alert with what is happening next.
Being trained in gaining a higher perspective, in zooming out, in tuning into different states of consciousness apart from my personal self.
Being trained in developing a non-judgemental attitude, in building the deep knowing that everything is connected, that everything is me, and a lot more.
And yes, I can also see the main trap of this period of time:
I was in resistance with my inherent aliveness and sensitivity, I wasn´t owning it fully and therefore using higher consciousness states as a form of escaping the physical world.

I wasn´t free. I wasn´t dancing with life. Everything felt like a burden. And in a sense it was as I was not balanced at all in my being to handle all the input I got. Deep down I was overwhelmed and scared. And as a result of that: Shut down all my senses to keep the external show going.

What changed everything was my conscious shift to saying: Fuck yes to everything that has been!
And the perspective:
What was this perfect for? Connecting the dots.
And really going for that!
Using everything as a fuel to move forward.

Through owning my history as my superpower, extracting the learnings without identifying with the story and sharing this with fellow beings, I could inspire thousands of people so far. And even more energetically.

And you can do the same!

Look back in your life and see how genius you were as a kid. What felt challenging and what did you master?
Extract the meaning without holding onto the story and share it with the world.
In your unique awesome authentic way! The world is more than ready for that.